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20 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Now!

Written by Pankaj Bhagat

October 27, 2019

Most things in life will get better and progressive if we ask ourselves the right questions.
Over a period of time we have adapted to good as well as harmful thoughts and habits.
Here is a list of 20 questions you should ask yourself.



We can grow by our question as well as our answers

Questions 1 to 5

  1. What one decision would I make if I knew I will not fail?
    • Why not take courage to make that decision
  2. How old is my attitude?
    • Times change. You must change with time if not ahead of it
  3. In what areas do I claim faith, but my actions speak unbelief?
    • Watch your actions and compare it with what you think you are.
  4. If everyone in this country (or in US) have my level of commitment will there be prosperity in my land?
    • Quality of work, ethics and commitment is what makes us prosperous.
  5. Do my competitors know who I am?
    • If not, you have not yet made any impact.

Questions 6 to 10

6. Am I running from something or to something?

We run away when we fear something. We run towards when we want something.

7. What can I do to make better use of my time?

There can always be improvement. Obviously so if you have never thought about it objectively.

8. Will the boy/girl I was will be proud to know the man/woman I am?

It may be yes. Pat yourself. But times have changed. Now you have a new vision.

9. What one thing I should remove from my life because it holds me back from my full potential?

Look out for it.

10. Has failure gone into my head?

Throw it out

Questions 11 to 15

11.What impossible thing am I believe and planning for?

If you are not believing for what seems impossible you will not enjoy achieving it as much.

12. What is my most prevailing thought?

Is that good. Encouraging or in line with your goals. Or is it disturbing and painful, regressive?

13.What good thing that I committed to do but I have quitted doing?

Prayers? Fitness? Time management? Time with Family? Reading? Think about it and get started with it.

14. How have people who have respect earned that respect?

That should answer the way to get there

15.What will a truly committed person do in my situation?

This should tell you how you can get there

Questions 16 to 20


16. What will a truly creative person do in my situation?

You will be amazed to find that you can answer this

17. What outside influence are causing me to be better or worse?

This must be found. If it is good, cultivate it. If it is bad, cut it.

18. What gifts, talents or strengths do I have?

Even those who think they do not have, has.

19. Where are my daily habits leading me to?

Wasting time? Deteriorating health/relationship? Sin?

20. What one good thing can I do for someone who will have no opportunity to repay me?

Discovering and acting on this will give a true sense of purpose filled living Expand it.