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Machine Learning & Data Science


Our Products

AI Community App

  1.  Online Maintenance  payment
  2. Maintenance Reminders
  3. Maintenance Reports
  4. Accounts of Income & Expense
  5. Access Control
  6. Owner info, House Area , Tenants, Pets, Families, Vehicles
  7. AI based Vehicle Check-in
  8. AI based maid Check-in

FitR App and Software

  1. Membership- Personal, General
  2. Plans- Annual, Monthly, custom
  3. Renewal reminders
  4. Income Report. 
  5. Attendance
  6. Invoice
  7. Group Email / SMS

AI Based Digital Church

  1. Live Streaming 
  2. Upcoming Events
  3. Video Archives
  4. Article / Bulletins
  5. Prayer Groups
  6. Givings
  7. Welcome Guest
  8. More…

Our Services

Custom Mobile Apps

Get any app for your business developed

  1. College App
  2. Church App
  3. Membership App
  4. Gym App
  5. Event Management
  6. Ticket Booking
  7. Food Delivery
  8. Learning Management System
  9. School Management
  10. Grocery Store
  11. Hybrid Apps- Android & iOS

Customer Relationship Management

For you Business, Ministry, or NGO

  1. Customer / Member records
  2. Membership Renewals
  3. Income / Givings
  4. Email / SMS in Group
  5. Reports
  6. Stock Management
  7. Payment Gateway

Church Management Software

Turn into a Digital Church

  1. Record of Members, Family
  2. Carecelll / Prayer Group and Reporting
  3. Online Tithes and Offerings, Reports
  4. Membership ID, Status & Attendance
  5. Automated Emails / SMS to welcome visitors
  6. Reports  
  7. Online Event Booking, Zoom Integration
  8. Notifications, Bulletins
  9. Calendar, Bile Reading Plan
  10. Live Streaming, Video archive

Learning Management System

  1. Course Builder
  2. Drip-Feed Content
  3. Flexible Quizzing Options
  4. Gamification and Points System
  5. Progress Tracking and Reporting
  6. Multimedia Support
  7. Discussion Forums
  8. Membership and Subscription Integration
  9. Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Design
  10. Flexible Course Prerequisites

Training and Internship

 Work in Latest Technologies

  1. Front End- Mobile App
  2. Back End- Mobile App
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Data Science
  5. Full Stack  / UI Development
  6. Blockchain
  7. Internet of Things
  8. Cloud Computing
  9. Chatbots
  10. Artificial Intelligence

Code For Kids

Studenst of High School can understand Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Organic Chemistry, Life Science. This is a proof that if we teach them Coding they will be able to learn right now.

Anyone who can code, write algorithms, build mobile apps OR do Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain can be hired irrespective of their Age- So Why not your kids?

Let your child become an IT enthusiast while in school.

Get professional training.

Technologies We Work On

Filling the “Skill Gap”

According to “Aspiring Minds” more than 90% of Engineering graduates are unemployable.

We fill the gap.


Technology Domains

Machine Learning

Python, Jupiter, Anaconda, Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Scikit-Learn, MatPlot-lib,

Data Science

Data science is one of today’s top careers. Stay on top—Get trained in  data analysis and visualization using Python,  

Mobile App Development

Angular Framework, Material Design, Flex, Angular Flex, SASS, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, TypeScript, RxJS- App Project


Python, Operating Systems, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Cloud, with a Project


The most promising technology that can disrupt the markets is Blockchain. Get ready to get above.

Full Stack

The most wanted and highly paid professionals are the Full Stack Developers. 
Get the UI and Backend skills and get ready for higher pay.

Connecting with Students

We invest our time in encouraging students of Colleges and Universities to go beyond the Academics.

There is a need to change the tradition. We must quickly adapt to changing technologies.


Apply Now for Internships

How to apply?

We encourage everyone to learn. However, to asses your current knowledge please take this simple screening test.

Duration: Less than 10 mins.



I do not have the skills. Am I eligible?

  1.  Most students generally do not have the skills needed to work on the project.
  2. The industry is looking for latest and employable skills, which is usually not a part of the College Syllabus.
  3. According to a survey by Aspiring Minds, 95% of CS graduates are unemployable.
  4. To make you employable, you will be trained in an intensive program for the new skill

I am getting offers from MNCs, why should I join here?

We have worked in MNCs for years. So, we say this with experience: “You may get offers from MNCs but it is rare to get a purely development work. Generally its a support / maintenance or bug-fix. Sometimes it is documentation or even Digital Marketing “.

Here at Cedar, we are working on latest technologies to launch our product. So we train you and then let you do the development. You write Code here. 

In which technologies are the Real Time Projects on?

  1. Mobile App Development– Angular, NodeJS
  2. Web Development: Modern Headless Architecture. Drupal 7 & 8, PHP
  3. AWS Cloud Computing: We need three different expertise- DevOps Engineer, AWS Developer and Solutions Architect
  4. IoT : Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Python, AWS IoT
  5. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Python and packages
  6. Alexa Voice, Chatbots

Is there a chance to work with Cedar after Internship?

Yes, there is a chance. But it depends on the intern’s performance and ability. There have been such situations in the past.

Majority ( 70% to 80%) Interns we have worked with, are currently working in different MNCs.


Is it required to get a laptop?

It is an hands-on live training program. You will benefit most if you have your own laptop. Optionally, you can also share with a friend.

How does this finally help me in career?

You get:

  1. Guidance in your project development
  2. Get confidence in code and technology
  3. A project to show in your interviews

The project in hand which you show in interviews is the ultimate thing to get a job.

Read: How To Get Selected in 1st Minute of Interview

Why do we have to go for Training?

We have modern and Real-time projects and students are new to projects and technologies. So we need to train them first.

Why do we have to pay for it?

The fees is only for Training. There is no fee for Internship.

Training is a cost to the company. Our trainers are Industry experts who are currently developers and leaders of the real-time projects. They have several years of experience as they have worked in  multiple MNCs and even trained them. Thus it is a cost for us to get such resources to train the students.


Which Technology should I choose?

  • If you have no hands-on experience on any technologies or projects, OR
  • if you are not from Computer Science or IT OR if you are from ECE, EEE,

Then we would suggest you to start with “Mobile App Development”

Because, it covers Web Site Development and we teach it from basics of Computers. And the course goes up-to advanced level.

Will I be paid during Internship and how much?

We consider stipends once the intern is a productive resource who can add value to the company. 

During the training period we can identify productive interns and offer then stipends.  

We have offered stipends in such cases.


Is the duration sufficient for Training and Internship?

There are two models:

(1.) One Month and (2.) Six Months.

Even though the project starts on Day 1, the first half of the period is focused on Training and the second half is usually the project.


Can I do my Internship Online?

It is possible to do some internships online. However, some colleges do not accept it. We have the same trainer online and classroom. 

Our online training and internship are LIVE only. 


Will I get a Certificate or Letter?


We provide a Certificate of Training and a Letter of Internship.


Which college students have participated?

We have helped students of over 25 Colleges and Universities.


Co-founded By 2 Ex-IBM Engineers

Cedar IT Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2013 by two IBM engineers- Pankaj Bhagat and Roshni Bhagat, who quit their jobs to implement their innovative ideas.

Pankaj has worked in IBM and has over 19 years of experience.

Roshni has worked for ISB, Wipro and IBM and has 15 years of rich experience. 

Learn by Doing

Training are designed by ex-IBM engineers  

All the courses are designed with “employ-ability” factor as base. 

We begin with the end in mind. That means, we have a real-time project which participants will have to build. Thus, real hands-on “Developer-like” learning is the only option


How to get a job in 1st minute of Interview?

You get hired when you show your work

The first thing you should say in your interview should be like “Hi, my name is [your_name], and this is what I have developed [ show your project- either an Mobile App, IoT Solution, ML / AI Project or Cloud setup…]- Pankaj Bhagat

The best way to prepare for an interview:

Let your work be seen by all.

  • Keep updating your work on Github
  • Post your achievements regularly on LinkedIn
  • Keep one or more functional project prototypes ready

Win-Win: Lets Achieve Our Goals

Our is win-win design:

  1. Your goal is to acquire and exhibit skills that make you in demand and paid well
  2. Our goal is to get our products released.
  3. To achieve the above goal, you learn, build and complete a modern, impressive project using the technologies you acquired in training. This makes you skilled in the “in-demand” skills.

My entire team was prototyping by the end of the first day! “

We started with the “end in mind”. Even though we did not know how to make an app we made a flow-diagram using pencil and paper. We then used an online tool to make a dummy app. It excited us to learn.

With Cedar, we learnt Linux, Git, Hybrid, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, TypeScript, Angular7, Ionic and Material Design. 

Eventually we made  fully functional Travel Booking App. A

After my training and internship, I got job on Angular!!


Vamsi Krishna Reddy,
Associate Software Engineer at Dev2Prod Soft Solutions
BML Munjal University