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Job opening

Social Media Marketing



or those who Lost Job Due to COVID 

Only for Hyderabad residents

Job Description

Strategically promote organic and paid content in all social Media Platforms


Should have experince in strategic placement of contents in popular social Medaid platforms

You should be able to display and explain any project you worked on

Skills we’re looking for

An understanding of when, why and what should be promoted on Social Media

  • Should create content (not neccasarily graphic design)
  • Strategically place and schedule content on different social media
  • Generate engagement and respond to reactions
  • Create lead generation content
  • Willing to learn 

    Apply through form

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    This job application is open. If selected, the next step will be a video call interview.


    If selected, you will be working from home and and would need regular online meeting.



    This is a project timeline driven work and would need commitment.

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